I could stop saying my dog has kidney disease and will not eat as Tiny Chihuahua Pnut too great interest in my homemade sweet potato treats

My dog has kidney disease and will not eat

Too many times I have read “my dog has kidney disease and will not eat.”

This Food-Nutrition page has the final food choices I ended up with to get my dog to eat and they are in the order that I introduced them although thankfully,  I had to make changes as she lived longer and got older so keep that in mind.

Protein:  100% Ground raw green beef tripe (with spleen)

Fresh Vegetables: Sweet potatoes, parsnips, lettuce, pumpkin

Fresh Fruits:  Blueberries, cranberries, pineapple, raspberries, mango & banana

Dairy:  Brie or cream cheese – very small amounts, eventually eliminated due to old age

Condiments:  Raw local honey, Marmite,

Other:  Stauffer’s Animal Crackers Original, crushed*

“My dog has kidney disease and will not eat”:  YOU shouldn’t have to say that!

Check out my Excel Nutrition spreadsheet: Nutrition for a complete breakdown of vitamins and minerals she got in these foods and all of my other pages for the whole story.

My dog has kidney disease and won't eat

Homemade baked sweet potato treats (standard cookie sheet)

*Substituted for rice flour in sweet potato treat recipe:  Baked skinned sweet potato, 1 egg white, organic rice flour to make a thick cake batter consistency; squeezed from a plastic freezer bag with ¼” cut off a corner to squeeze out ½” long pencil eraser-sized pieces onto well-greased (canola oil) cookie sheet 325 degrees, 20 min. allowing to cool before serving, storing 2 to 3 days worth in refrigerator and freezing the rest in individual 3 – 4 day portions.  Of course larger pets can get larger-sized treats.

[Note:  See Food Combining  for the importance of when to feed and my final combinations and timing; and also see Vitamins/Minerals/Herbs for what I used and the FOOD LIST  for other foods I tried but eliminated.  Of course the Full Diary  has other detail as to how I arrived at my decisions plus my resources.]