Food Selection to help a dog with renal disease that will not eat

Help a dog with renal disease that will not eat

To help a dog with renal disease that will not eat, I’ve put together this comprehensive list of foods I researched to feed my Pnut with my final choices.

Basically on this Food List to help a dog with renal disease that will not eat, most of these were tried in the first year and followed by others as she thrived and got older.  But they certainly proved they were a help for a dog with renal disease that won’t eat.  They include high -quality protein, fruits and vegetables and a new addition:  raw goats milk.

Raw green Tripe, the miracle food to help a dog with kidney disease that will not eat

Raw green tripe – ground

IMPORTANT: See also my Food Combining and Sequential Eating for my ultimate MEAL food choicestiming of meals to help a dog with renal disease that will not eat which made a HUGE difference & my nutrition spreadsheet for more detail

  • Canned Hill’s Prescription Diet K/D –would NOT eat even withholding food 48 hours
  • Canned Purina NF Kidney Function: would NOT eat even withholding food 48 hours
  • Baby and Toddler food – too high in phosphorus – made her feel badly
  • Merrick before B.G. grain Canned grain-free beef tripe  -loved it, but transition only
  • Ground raw green beef tripe with spleen-High quality protein and animal iron
  • Beef pancreas – way too inflammatory, she hurt everytime afterwards
  • Beef liver – cooked, and only tiny amounts early on for treats then discontinued
  • Dr. Harvery’s VEG TO BOWL – Contained ingredients high in phosphorus, used fresh
  • Microwaved Sweet potatoes* – high in Vit C, Vit A and Potassium + iron
  • Raw parsnips*-detoxifies kidneys, high in fiber+Vit C, B complex** & Vit K & E
  • Cabbage – Interferes with thyroid function – OK if no issues with thyroid
  • lettuce – iceburg – good to serve with oils & another carbohydrate for energy
  • Canned 100% pumpkin*- high in Vit A, Vit C, Vit E, copper, B complex**
  • squash – chose others more nutritious
  • carrots – chose others more nutritious
  • green beans – chose others more nutritious
  • Fresh Blueberries* – source of iron & aids in digestion, neutralizing acids
  • Fresh/frozen cranberries* – Organic-for urinary tract infections
  • Raw pineapple* – high in copper, Vit C, B-6, folate, potassium & manganese
  • Fresh raspberries* – high in Vit C + potassium & folate, helps treat anemia
  • Fresh mango* – high in  Vit C, Vit A, folate & B-6 , helps treat anemia
  • Fresh banana* – high in Potassium, B vitamins, & Vit C
  • Raw LOCAL honey – NOT commercial honey
  • Brie cheese – another source of protein-very small amount -mildly inflammatory-discontinued when older
  • cream cheese – another source of protein-very small amount as strongly inflammatory
  • Butter  High calories but indication is to use fats sparingly, and too irritating for her
  • Unsulphured Molasses – too high in phosphorus
  • Strawberries  Others were more nutritious
  • Stauffer’s Animal Crackers Original – good iron & thickening for treats-discontinued when pureeing base ingredients
  • Tofu – Not needed

I didn’t use the following with Pnut, but two year ago I was personally diagnosed with kidney disease and have it fully under control and am thriving and don’t expect my kidneys to cause me any issues because I knew how to change my diet right away.  I have done additional research and I am using the following and would recommend the same to offer to any pet:

  • Raw goat’s milk-purported beneficial, but high in oil so small amount only
  • Okra – almost twice as much calcium as phosphorous and I would definitely recommend it
  • Nutritional Yeast – a small amount of calcium and phosphorous but contains FOLATE to help fight anemia.

*All high in soluble fiber to remove toxins through the stool and NOT the kidneys

**B complex: folate, niacin, vit B-6 (pyridoxine), thiamin and pantothenic acid