Pnut the tiny Chihuahua needed dog kidney disease treatment

Dog kidney disease treatment

I needed to learn about dog kidney disease treatment  right away!  I had to set about finding out anything and everything I could do at home to make my little dog Pnut better when she refused to eat ANYTHING! 

Dog kidney disease treatment was so important to me because as I stated before I was given absolutely NO hope that she would live after diagnosis but for anyone that might be skeptical of my results, just click this little video to see proof of Pnut eating her raw ground 100% green beef tripe heartily just 9 months later- it is gone in 19 seconds!  I was thrilled.


I’m not selling anything, I’m not a doctor and have no nutrition training but with my help and analysis of routine blood work provided by my vet, my little Pnut indeed SURVIVED kidney disease which was causing her to vomit everything and become lifeless until I got her to eat again and it wasn’t at all difficult once I put in hours and hours of frantic rushed research, all of which I share on these pages.  And without ANY conventional drugs.

This website’s pages lists the raw protein/fruits/veggies + vitamins/minerals/herbs & a little dairy, just everything I learned and did to help her beat this disease by preserving the remaining functioning part of her kidneys so she could live a happy life reaching normal old age.  I didn’t invent anything, just researched as much as I could and once I quickly discovered nutritious, beneficial fresh raw food she would eat she just started getting stronger and healthier.  It’s all here.  No miracle, just ordinary, readily available foods and vitamins, minerals or herbs.  Cooking destroys nutrients and a seriously ill dog needs maximum nutrition so I used nothing cooked or commercially processed, just all raw, except sweet potatoes which were microwaved in the skin to preserve nutrients in the pulp.  Fruits and veggies were pureed for easy digestion and absorption of nutrients.

When researching dog kidney disease treatment, I discovered kidney or renal disease and kidney or renal failure have very similar meanings and are often used interchangeably so on Dog Kidney Disease Help you will see them all used on this site.

Pnut, my tiny 3 lb Chihuahua was so small she could sleep in a baseball cap and she was diagnosed at 12-years old with kidney disease early Dec. 2011 and in January she was near death but by late-May 2012 just 5 months later, with diet and vitamins, minerals or herbs, she looked and acted like a normal happy dog again, complete with blood work brought into the normal range.  This site is to pass along how I helped her survive kidney disease/renal failure.

Tiny Chihuahua Pnut naps in baseball cap and needs dog Kidney Disease treatment

I was so tiny I could nap in a baseball cap.

I am just a Mom – not a nutritionist or trained animal care individual – see my About and Terms of Use pages. In the beginning, she had ALL of the horrible symptoms I read about online – drinking more water, urinating more including accidents, humped back, pain in the abdomen and no appetite – not wanting to eat at all.  Heartbreaking.  So, as Pnut’s mom, I couldn’t just do nothing, so I started researching the Internet of what I could do and thought I would just be making her more comfortable as she lived out her last few days with me but as I moved forward and as I got the food and vitamins, minerals or herbs into her saw a DRAMATIC response in only a few days so I knew I was on the right track and could offer her a LOT MORE than comfortable final days.  I have a 150+ IQ and was uber-thorough so here is what I learned and did to return my dog to puppy-like behavior, day-after-day-after-day, surviving happily until almost 15!   Hooray!!

I started keeping a diary/journal right away documenting my dog kidney disease treatment (see my Full Diary ) to remember what I started giving her and when so I’d know to keep on or stop giving it to her and three years and 30 Word document pages later, 23,918 words and 110 footnotes of links I want to share it in case my experience and new-found research and knowledge could help anyone else who has a pet diagnosed with kidney failure.   I wanted to share it all, every detail so that if any part of this assists you, I am rewarded. What I did was NOT difficult and my results are so outstanding, I MUST WRITE THIS in case it does ANYONE else ANY good.     [Continued in Scary Symptoms]