Sharon Sydnor: what I did to help my dog survive kidney disease

Help my dog survive kidney disease

My answer to:  Help my dog survive kidney disease!

I’m so excited!  I’m Sharon Sydnor, and I alone created this website so I could pass along the help I gave my dog Pnut to preserve the small remaining functioning part of her kidneys to survive kidney disease.  And she did!  But as I did my research online I would read over and over again, “How can I help my dog survive kidney disease?”

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I'm Sharon Sydnor, and I tell you what I did to help my dog survive kidney disease

Hi, I’m Sharon & I hope what worked for my dog will help you and your choices for your dog to beat kidney disease!

What you need to know most about me is I am not a trained professional but have a 150+ IQ and I have had 11 Chihuahuas in my lifetime and all were special needs rescue dogs. Seeing little Pnut so ill, I set out to find ANYTHING I could do – originally just to make her more comfortable in her last days – but then seeing her quick improvement, to outlast this terrible disease.

And I think I  answered that question of: “How can I help my dog survive kidney disease?” because what I did worked for my dog who was dying and I truly saved her life!

As my professional veterinarian, finally after two years’ of improvement, said to me about my food choices and vitamin/mineral/herb supplements and Pnut’s amazing responses, “We are in uncharted territory dealing with anecdotal evidence.”

I worked closely with my veterinarian and cooperated fully with timely and consistent blood work/urinalysis evaluations per her advised 90-day schedule and everyone is always advised to consult and work closely with their own qualified professional especially in knowing if you are dealing with kidney disease or perhaps pancreatitis as it’s symptoms are quite similar and often both appear together like they did for Pnut and a high-fat diet is important to avoid with kidney disease but it is especially important to lower fat and increase carbs with pancreatitis in which case the only raw meat that is low fat for pancreatitis and low phosphorous for kidney disease is the 100% green beef tripe which I ended up feeding Pnut exclusively.  Raw green tripe is considered ultra lean by the USDA and using that only for the raw protein when combined with the FULL feeding of the complex carbohydrates that need to make up more like 55% of daily calories is advisable when pancreatitis is involved.   My Full Diary has many references to what I did to support Pnut’s pancreas so it wouldn’t get inflamed and sore which it did often until I got her diet adjusted.  Check out Full Diary Parts 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8.   Part 7 includes supportive data on the choice of raw green tripe.  Shared in the Testimonials is a promising outlook for pancreas and kidney issues in his dog by H from South Africa May 4, 2017.

Pnut lived to a comfortable old age, almost 15,  3 3/4 years after diagnosis every day getting better and better as I researched and discovered how to help her – and she never even had any IV fluid treatments!  Watch her little videos, which at the time I made just to show off her progress to my family!  But I did start keeping all of her blood tests on an Excel spreadsheet and another for her nutrition breakdown plus a word-processing diary which has grown to 30 pages over nearly 4 years, with 23,918 words and 110 footnote links documenting where I got what I believe is fair use, factual information and I’ve provided links to those actual pages in brackets [ ] so just click it to read it first hand.  And I didn’t give any credibility to statements unless they could be confirmed by other independent sites.  It is important that you read the Full Diary which is extremely long (but in 11 segments) because I wanted to be thorough and it is an excellent resource of what I read to make my decisions and the improvements and substitutions I made for better nutrition.     It’s all there, step-by-step of how I saved my Pnut’s life.  Contact me if you need any clarification about what I did.