Tiny Chihuahua Pnut, star of Dog Kidney Disease Help, who survived kidney disease.

dog kidney disease help

Dog Kidney Disease Help welcomes you to this website which is about how I saved my little dog Pnut when she stopped eating and was diagnosed with kidney disease.  I did NOT cure her disease, I enabled her to live WITH it.  I was given no hope she would survive but I literally brought her back to life with a simple unprocessed diet containing raw ground 100%  green beef tripe with SELECT fresh raw pureed fruits and raw pureed veggies (sweet potato microwaved in skin to preserve nutrients), all with low or calcium-bound  phosphorous at an important 25/25/50% ratio of protein/oil/carbs, a few supplemental vitamins, minerals and herbs and I’ve shared my entire success story here in case it will benefit anyone else.  

This dog kidney disease help site contains EVERYTHING I did to bring her back to life as a happy, energetic dog again.   My vet was impressed and convinced what I did saved Pnut and you can click on specific menu items to fast-forward and understand thoroughly what I did to get your dog eating again.