so I can help you help your dog beat kidney disease

help your dog beat kidney disease

Full Diary – Introduction

Welcome to my diary of step-by-step food and vitamin/mineral/herb choices with feeding methods and all research I found that could help YOUR dog beat kidney disease like my Pnut did.  And it wasn’t difficult!

Help your dog beat kidney disease

Pnut – Kidney Disease Survivor!!!

I started keeping a diary from the very beginning when Pnut was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2011 and because of her remarkable response and progress to the drastic but quick diet changes I made plus vitamins, minerals and herbs added and the fact that my success continued for almost 4 years, this diary grew to 3o pages, almost 24.000+ words and 110 research links (that can help your dog beat kidney disease.)  But it’s truly a “diary” and it was written with what was happening at the time, and changes were recognized as needed and implemented.  But it shows everything I went through so  you know where I’ve been and what I decided on and just maybe you can help your dog beat kidney disease.

Please read it all so you can decide how you can help your dog beat kidney disease/renal disease.  By the way, kidney or renal disease and kidney or renal failure have similar meanings and were often used interchangeably as I researched the Internet although they have slightly different emphasis.

As you read this diary’s pages (11 more!) you will see words in color that indicate a link is supplied to my other important pages all intended to help you help your dog beat kidney disease:

I’ve segmented it into 11 easier-to-read parts (it did span almost 4 years – my methods worked so well) and you are advised and encouraged to read the parts in order and READ THEM ALL because again, I would start something that I later eliminated and replaced with something more nutritious.    [Go to Full Diary Part 1]