Dog kidney disease food guidelines

Dog Kidney Disease

Dog kidney disease and what amounts to feed of the selected foods to achieve the important 50% carbs and only 25% oils and 25% protein balance is my most often asked question relative to what worked so successfully for Pnut my 3# Chihuahua.  So I have on occasion figured guidelines for calories required for dogs by weight since Pnut was so tiny and many struggle on what quantities of the tripe, fruits and veggies to feed their larger pets to maintain that necessary balance.  Below is an image of a typical sample feeding guideline – this for an 11 lb dog with no desired weight gain at 220 daily calorie intake.  A link to it and all full guidelines is near the bottom of the page.

Dog Kidney Disease feeding guideline

Image of typical guideline setting out calories/protein/oils/carbs and amounts to feed to achieve desired calories and ratio – click link below for full guideline.

Pnut’s diet was tripe for protein and 6 fruits plus three veggies all identified on the Food Combining – Sequential Eating page. Amounts of each food is VERY important and each needs to be fed to get adequate calories so the pet does not lose weight which is a definite risk but most significant is the ratio of protein/fats/carbs as a healthy dog needs 33%/33%/33% breakdown but a dog with damaged kidneys must limit protein to 25% which is why high quality is terribly important and oils are restricted to 25% as well leaving 50% of the diet that must be gotten from carbs: the fruits and veggies.

I’ve made these guidelines each using a Microsoft Excel electronic spreadsheet as they  organize my data into rows and columns and apply absolute mathematical calculations quickly and easily implement calories/protein/oil/carb formulas as necessary for fixed results  thus reducing  the possibility for errors.  But it is all simple.  Not rocket science.  Just most foods from the grocery store and 100% pure beef tripe. 

There are many pet calorie calculators online and they can vary greatly on calories needed for a dog according to weight especially when factoring in age and energy level and whether they need to gain or lose weight notwithstanding their battle with dog kidney disease.  And you don’t want them losing weight unless they were already overweight.  A guideline therefore should be considered as a starting point and if your vet has advised a higher caloric intake or you have seen a calculator indicating more calories  than on the guideline I have produced,  the constant values I used for each food as to calories, protein, oil and carbs is listed as gathered from and you can increase what you want to feed accordingly to get the calories you or your practitioner may feel are necessary while maintaining the protein/oil/carb ratio.

But always keep in mind 25%/25% or less/50% or more for protein/oil/carbs to HALT further damage to the kidneys from dog kidney disease.

I  am beginning to link these dog kidney disease guidelines here when I can and they are identified by weight and a need to maintain or gain weight.  They have been created individually and merely to assist in coming up with typical quantities to feed of each item and are not all inclusive of what I did as not all supplements that I used are repeated here but need to be found on the Food Combining-Sequential Eating page.  And I have done some guidelines for dogs with kidney disease that are also diabetic, some with pancreatitis and some with Cushing’s disease where other food attributes must be scrutinized and tweaked a little – so I’ve tried to only include the ones here that follow my original plan with Pnut having just dog kidney disease (although she did too have bouts of pancreatitis.)

43 lb Guideline – No weight loss or gain