kidney disease in dogs

kidney disease in dogs

Use this contact form if you think I can share something more clearly from my site about kidney disease in dogs and how YOU can help YOUR dog SURVIVE like mine did!

Kidney disease in dogs became my passion for helping Pnut and hoping that with all that Dog Kidney Disease HelpI learned and accomplished over 3 years to help MY dog Pnut SURVIVE kidney disease to old age (almost 15), it might also help someone else make decisions for their dog.  Pnut had ALL of the horrible debilitating symptoms like vomiting EVERYTHING even water so that she became so ill and lifeless – near death so I headed off to the vet who diagnosed kidney disease and that she only had a short time left. Well, I went home and went full steam ahead into researching kidney disease in dogs and my little dog Pnut was so rewarded!  She went on to thrive, living a happy normal life and there are 31 pages on this site to explain it all in great detail, including my Full Diary, kept from Day 1, covering food, vitamins, minerals and herbs, food combining and sequential eating.

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