Chihuahua Pnuts needs a good dog kidney disease diet to return to health and comfort

Dog kidney disease diet

[Continued from Anemia]

Final food choices for my dog kidney disease diet plus food combining and sequential eating all was falling into place & Pnut thrived under my help becoming excited like a puppy to eat again!   Check her out in this video alert and ready to chow down, scampering with her tail wagging all over the place.


So with the vitamins, minerals and herbs buttoned down and her dog kidney disease diet established with green tripe for protein, fruits for natural iron and urinary tract health, veggies for additional fiber and nutrients so toxins would be removed in the stool and not the kidneys, I was drawn into the concept of food combining and sequential eating for optimum use of the nutrients from my dog kidney disease diet.  My veterinarian had even made the comment to me that you don’t want your body fighting over foods.   So check out my REALLY IMPORTANT but easy Food Combining/Sequential Eating page for the full details of order and timing of meals and the vitamins/minerals/herbs I included with each!  In addition to the formerly mentioned veggies, I added lettuce for an early morning snack and again as a bedtime snack because I stopped giving oils with the fruit, protein or veggies because of food combining and read oil was better utilized if given with a green leafy vegetable and should be given twice daily (which the salmon oil label advised as well.) I had first selected cabbage as the veggie but at one point as she approached 14 her blood work showed slight diminished thyroid function and cabbage inhibits thyroid function so switched to lettuce.  And with the lettuce & salmon oil I gave  the iron-laden FosFree plus honey of course (remember the iron in FosFree is from gluconate and supposed to be safe for pets, not on their toxicity list.)     She was doing great and always loving her tripe so I was a happy Pnutsmom!

And again I so encourage you to read the Full Diary pages and my Food-Nutrition page which includes a link to my Excel spreadsheet explaining the benefit of each choice I made.    Refer also to my vitamins/minerals/herbs page for my final choices.  [Continued in Getting Older]