Tiny Chihuahua Pnut needed natural supplements to hel a dog with kidney failure

help a dog with kidney failure

To help a dog with kidney failure, I think certain VITAMIN, MINERAL AND HERB supplements are POSSIBLY VERY HELPFUL!

I didn’t invent any of this to help a dog with kidney failure! I just voraciously read scientist’s findings in studies and other first-person accounts of responses and I crunched every single thing I could read that might help.  And when I saw how positively MY dog Pnut responded, I never looked back.

These vitamins, minerals, herb and other natural supplements were administered according to dosage per weight on labels to augment that naturally occurring in my food choices per Nutrition Excel spreadsheet I did for Pnut.  She was so tiny I got a liquid form if I could (but containing NO alcohol as it is poison to dogs) as had to put them on her food with an eyedropper!

Help a dog with kidney failure

This is her Ubiquinol which was expensive but it with her other vitamins/and herbs boosted her energy dramatically.

See my Full Diary for links to my research and also my final meal with vitamins/minerals/herbs and timing schedule on Food Combining and Sequential eating

I researched how all of the following  help a dog with kidney failure and I repeat, my Full Diary pages have every link to what I read that formed my choices always remembering they are just SUPPLEMENTS, that ideally I wanted her to get most of what she needed through raw, fresh, natural, non-cooked, non-processed foods:

  • Purified water only- fresh available AT ALL TIMES
  • Stinging nettle seeds –  Remarkable herb able to build and restore kidney function*
  • Iron – ferrous gluconate**powdered.  Replaced when I found FOSFREE** see next
  • FOSFREE – Phosphorus free vitamin combination, high in Iron as ferrous gluconate
  • Rehmannia liquid – Contained alcohol not listed at ordering which is poison for animals
  • Rehmannia Six (Liu Wei Di Huang Wan – Rehmannia Six Formula)- Granulated and considered very therapeutic against kidney disease
  • Calcium with D3 – as calcium carbonate – phosphorus blocker, powdered
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil – strongly anti-inflammatory & oils must be fed with raw diet
  • Vitamin E – capsules pierced daily needed to allow salmon oil absorption
  • Liquid QH Liposomal Advanced Ubiquinol CoQ10-Supposed to reduce creatinine
  • Azmira Sea Supreme – AM multiple vitamin-mineral
  • Azmira Mega Pet Daily – PM multiple vitamin-mineral
  • Taurine – supports iron therapy
  • Vitamin C – prohibits tripe conversion of cysteine to cystine (bad for kidneys)
  • Vitamin D3 – metabolizes calcium and phosphorus
  • Magnesium – to treat muscle weakness, possibly NOT advised if Stage 3 or 4 CKD
  • Glucosamine – to aid in joint comfort
  • Marmite –  contains high amount of folate to fight anemia
  • Marrow Plus – blood circulation & kidney function, a deficiency connected to anemia
  • Hawthorn Plus – restorative for cardiovascular system**
  • Bicarbonate of soda – raised Ph of urine so not acidic which leads to bladder infections
  • B 1 and B6 – for increased appetite but she could not tolerate them
  • Selenium – increases glomerular filtration rate – I used sparingly
  • Alfalfa – Got it in multivitamin
  • Cell Salts – just wasn’t comfortable using them when everything else was working good
  • Raw local honey – NOT commercial honey

*See the full importance of amazing Stinging Nettle on my Home and Full Diary pages

**Use of human vitamins and minerals is controversial, especially iron, but my research found an article stating this particular type of iron, ferrous gluconnate, was not on the list of those ferrous irons that may cause toxicity in dogs and cats, and I also read a study specifically including its use and dosage.