Pnut, tiny Chihuahua needed dog kidney disease natural supplements to keep up with other pets

Dog kidney disease natural supplements

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Adding dog kidney disease natural supplements including beneficial vitamins, minerals and herbs was so important so she’d get healthier and not feel left out.

Boy, when I got to looking into dog kidney disease natural supplements, my first biggest discovery was when I learned about my most important and trusted vitamin, mineral or herb:  Stinging Nettle Seeds because this medicinal herb is purported to be an Adrenal Trophorestorative & Adaptogen and has a remarkable ability to rebuild and restore.  Wow!  BIG WORDS.  So here’s the definitions:

A Trophorestorative is defined as an herb that nourishes, strengthens, and tonifies a specific organ or function, i.e. it is considered “food for the organ’ and it is known to be a food for the kidneys.

And an Adaptogen is a substance that helps a living organism adapt to stress be it environmental, physical or psychological.

Early on I was so excited to get her started on dog kidney disease natural supplements and made sure to purchase freshly harvested green Stinging Nettle seeds (NOT seed packets from garden centers, nurseries or plant stores – my source link is in Full Diary Part 7 ) and after using them, Pnut’s creatinine reading went WAY down, so much so her doctor thought it was a fluke on her bloodwork but I sent her my research on using stinging nettle for exactly that result and she was duly impressed.

I  sprinkled on calcium and D3 because of calcium being a phosphorus blocker and added Magneseum to counteract muscle weakness but also had read online about those vitamins/minerals/herbs particularly geared to kidney health and found Rehmannia 6 as having been touted as very beneficial (don’t get a liquid form as it probably contains alcohol which is poison to animals.)   Another was the addition of Taurine, so I powdered human tablets again in my mini-chopper (which I did to all tablets like the calcium+D3) and she got that as well.  There is some reservation about using human vitamins and minerals although iron seems to be the only concern I could find and I link to a study further down – keep reading. Hawthorn Plus came in capsules, so I could just empty several into a tiny jar to sprinkle on.   Calcium with the necessary D3 I was sure to sprinkle on more generously – although not on fruit as it would reduce the natural iron intake-but on her tripe and veggies.  B1 and B6 was claimed to be linked to increased appetite so I added a little as well but she didn’t tolerate it at all – so I discontinued.  And Wild Alaskan Salmon oil A MUST on tripe and veggies – at the higher end of the dosage advised for her weight as when feeding a raw diet, oil is essential. I also added Glucosamine for joints and Selenium an antioxidant.

Dog kidney disease natural supplements

Life saving vitamins, minerals and herbs

[Note]  Timing of these vitamins, minerals and herbs changed when I got into food combining and sequential eating so refer to that page for the latest.]   [Continued in Anemia]